You Knew It Was a Snake is the twelfth episode of Season 3 of You're the Worst.


The three couples engage in day-long fights.


Main Cast


Gretchen wakes up on the couch. Jimmy appears and announces that he has written 56 pages of his novel, so Gretchen's concerns about his inability to succeed are rubbish. His worries about her having children are based on the fact that she has dropped every phone she has had.

Lindsay is discovered sleeping naked under a blanket on another couch. Edgar and Dorothy start arguing about why he got the job with Doug Benson when she has failed in showbiz.

Paul arrives and starts arguing with Lindsay. Jimmy sends them to his room so he can argue with Gretchen. Tensions mount with the three couples until they all get a text announcing the birth of Becca's daughter, Tallulah.

Gradually things calm down, but little is resolved. Edgar gets a call to join Doug's writers' meeting, but decides to lie to Dorothy about it.

Lindsay pleads with Paul to discard their prenuptial agreement, but Paul tells her she'd better "lawyer up". Jimmy reads his unfinished novel to Gretchen, who loves it, but both realize they haven't fixed their relationship. He collapses against her from lack of sleep. She picks up her phone to check something, but drops it.