Twenty-Two is the fifth episode of Season 3 of You're the Worst, which aired on September 28, 2016.


Edgar dedicates the day to trying find relief for his PTSD.


Main Cast


This episode takes place on the same day as the previous one, but from Edgar's viewpoint.

He has an appointment with the Chief of Medicine at the VA. He is dealing with insomnia, paranoia and anxiety from his PTSD, as well as putting up with Jimmy and Gretchen's obnoxious behavior, such as Jimmy's demands for British snacks, and the two of them having sex in the back seat of his car while Edgar is driving.

Later Dorothy rejects his clumsy advances and tells him to stand up for himself. At the VA, Edgar is offered some specialized treatments, but only if he goes back on his medications first.

He leaves his car on the highway and goes into a flood channel to drink the "car booze" he bought for Jimmy. He thinks of running out into traffic. He then sees a mysterious paper boat floating down the stream, but it turns out to be part of a film school silent movie project. The student director decides he likes Edgar's looks.

When he gets back to his car later, it is about to be taken away on a flatbed truck, but the driver recognizes a veteran like himself. He shares a joint with Edgar and tells him to find something, anything, to help him deal with the PTSD himself. The driver has a companion dog, and knows of vets who do yoga or just rage out in private.

Sitting in his car on the back of the truck, Edgar blisses out to his music. The episode ends with a silent monochrome film starring Edgar as a Chaplin/Keaton character. Seeing the paper boat, he urinates on it and leaves with a pretty girl.

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