"The Sweater People" is the first episode of Season 2 of You're the Worst, which aired on September 9, 2015.


Gretchen and Jimmy adjust to living together, while Lindsay tries to win back Paul.


Main Cast


With Gretchen forced to live at Jimmy's house, the two try to avoid any hint of domesticity by partying heavily with increasingly bizarre results.

Lindsay is alone in the former marital home after Paul moves out. Paul stops by to pick up some things and talks about going to see the woman he met online.

Lindsay wants to reconcile, convinced that girls like her should leave guys like Paul, and not the other way around. She seduces Paul and the two have sex, after which Paul leaves in horror over "betraying" his new love.

Exhausted, Jimmy and Gretchen agree to try a normal night for a change, but their brief conversation scares them again and they head for a bar instead.

Gretchen becomes unreliable in her work, and Sam is furious over her not answering his calls. Edgar brings one of his culinary creations to Lindsay, finding her wearing her wedding dress and crying in the garage.

He suggests they "clean out Paul", so they trash all of Paul's toy and hobby items; Lindsay secretly freezes the condom Paul ejaculated in earlier.

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