The Seventh Layer is the ninth episode of Season 3 of You're the Worst.


Vernon and Paul take a road trip.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast


Vernon and Paul are out in a rural community buying a bassinet for Vernon's coming child. After a stop for gasoline, Paul's car breaks down on a deserted road. With no cell service and no water in the car, Vernon goes into the woods to look for a stream and Paul follows.

The two get hopelessly lost, and darkness eventually falls. After some male bonding, both men complain about their wives. Paul reveals to Vernon that Lindsay is having sex with other men right in front of him. Vernon suggests they take off for Mexico and leave the women behind, and Paul later agrees.

When they find their way back to the car, Paul has a change of heart and says he can't leave his child. Based on the price differential between gasoline and diesel, Paul deduces from a receipt that Vernon pumped diesel fuel into the car's gas tank.

Paul accuses Vernon of sabotage, and Vernon admits to the deed, saying he did not want to return home to Becca and his miserable life. Vernon makes plans to go to San Diego with a good Samaritan motorist, but when he realizes the bassinet is gone, he thinks about his child and decides to get in the car with Paul instead.