The Only Thing That Helps is the seventh episode of Season 3 of You're the Worst, which aired on October 12, 2016.


Gretchen and Jimmy hold an unconventional funeral. Paul struggles to give Lindsay what she needs sexually. Edgar takes a stand against the VA.


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Jimmy is making slow progress on his book. Edgar tries to get a medical marijuana card at the VA, but is told it's still an illegal drug as far as the VA is concerned.

Lindsay selects her first hookup guy, but Paul persuades her to have a couples massage instead. Gretchen meets a new client, who turns out to be Ben Folds.

Jimmy gets a delivery that he throws out. It is his father's ashes. Gretchen finds a note in the container asking Jimmy to give "Ronnie" a proper funeral. Jimmy decides to have a party, use the eulogy to denounce his Dad, and then throw the ashes into the toilet. Ronnie's old mate Charlie shows up at Jimmy's door, so Jimmy has him do the eulogy. Jimmy's creativity explodes as he uses the ashes as a surrogate for talking to his Dad. Paul changes his mind and brings the hookup guy to see Lindsay.

At the party, while Ben Folds plays piano, Charlie reads from something Ronnie wrote a year before, when he knew he was dying. Ronnie wanted his ashes scattered in Tony Shalhoub's front yard. Jimmy is furious, starts a speech, then realizing his Dad was actually dying when they last met, leaves the house with the ashes.

Edgar gets a marijuana card from a mobile clinic. Ben admits to Gretchen that his move to LA has failed to get him any publicity. Jimmy has a drunken conversation with his Dad outside a Hollywood mansion (presumably Shalhoub's), then tearfully tries to kick the container over the gate. It breaks, showering him with ashes. [1]


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