The Last Sunday Funday is the sixth episode of Season 3 of You're the Worst, which aired on October 5, 2016.


The gang embark on a very special Sunday Funday, which may be there last.


Main Cast


Sunday Funday has become commonplace and commercialized. Instead of random activities, the gang embark on a surreal scavenger hunt to find a hidden speakeasy bar.

Despite his disdain for the game, Jimmy solves nearly all the esoteric clues. Gretchen and Lindsay start fighting because Lindsay has become boring.

Edgar gets a marijuana vaper and finds that it neutralizes his PTSD trigger sounds. Paul is called in to help with his knowledge of old railroads. Edgar, high on vape, gets some "immersion therapy" with fireworks.

The gang are directed to a house and invade it, thinking it is the speakeasy. They are arrested and find a secret door in their cell that leads them to their goal. The drinks are outrageously expensive.

Lindsay tells Paul she wants to stay married and be a family with their coming child, then persuades Paul to let her sleep with other men to keep her happy. Jimmy sings a ragtime song.

Edgar and Gretchen decide that Sunday Funday is over. [1]


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