Talking to Me, Talking to Me is the tenth episode of Season 3 of You're the Worst.


Jimmy builds a tree house. Gretchen accompanies Lindsay during a potentially emotional event. Edgar's professional life flourishes to Dorothy's dismay.


Main Cast


Jimmy thinks he is a new man, power-walking in the mornings and downing raw eggs. Gretchen is trying to practice "mindfulness" as part of her therapy, looking at her life from the outside. She invites Jimmy to do the same.

Edgar is helping Dorothy audition for a commercial. Gretchen meets Lindsay for a "pre-abobo breakfast" while still trying to be "in the moment". Edgar meets Doug Benson at Dorothy's cattle-call and gets an offer from him to make a "Dr. Weed" short.

Jimmy builds a tree-house platform and knocks down the ladder, stranding himself. He has stopped hearing his Dad's voice, but can't stop hearing his novel's characters' voices, so he writes with his carpenter's pencil.

Lindsay leaves Gretchen in the car to go to the clinic, but has second thoughts after Paul sends romantic texts and voice messages. She is approached by an anti-abortion picketer who listens to her story.

Gretchen quits meditating and tries some vibrator therapy instead. She then rushes to Lindsay's aid, but the picketer says that after hearing Lindsay's rants the abortion might be a good idea.

Jimmy, still stranded, sees his life from a new viewpoint. Edgar tells Dorothy about receiving an offer to write for Benson. She conceals her dismay.

Lindsay is totally "in the moment" at post-abortion drinks with Gretchen, not thinking of what she has done or what she will do next. Gretchen comes home, trying to be "in the moment". Jimmy enters and tells her he has looked at his life from the outside and doesn't know if he made the right decision about anything.