PTSD is the sixth episode of Season 1 of You're the Worst, which was first broadcast on August 21, 2014.


After Jimmy accidentally sleeps with an A-List celebrity, he and Gretchen embark on a sex arms race to even out their score.


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Vernon and Becca enter counseling to rescue their relationship. The counselor recommends that they eliminate any "toxic elements" in their lives. They take Jimmy and Gretchen to breakfast, and tell them they are being eliminated from their lives. Jimmy and Gretchen run up a large bill on Vernon's credit card.

Jimmy tells Gretchen he is interviewing the latest Hollywood "It" actress for a magazine article. Gretchen dares him to get nude pictures of her. Jimmy has sex with the actress, which causes a competition to arise between him and Gretchen as to who can have the most sex.

Jimmy texts all his old girlfriends and gets hateful responses. He then makes a pass at Becca. Gretchen and Lindsay interview prospects in a bar.

Lindsay cheats on Paul with a young man from Ohio; Edgar struggles with whether he should tell Gretchen about Jimmy's infidelity, unaware that she goaded him into it. He consults a priest at the local Veterans Administration office, and a local radio call-in show, but gets no help from either.

Both Jimmy and Gretchen tire of the contest and realize they have been avoiding the issue of "going exclusive". They decide to be exclusive. Edgar decides all's well that ends well, and keeps the "secret" to himself.


  • Stephen Falk provides the voice of the call-in show host.