No Longer Just Us is the thirteenth episode of Season 3.


Jimmy and Gretchen investigate a murder site; Lindsay sees Paul in a new light; Edgar's sacrifice comes with unforeseen consequences.


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With encouragement from Gretchen, Jimmy finishes his novel and proclaims himself finally free of his family.

He shows Gretchen information about a murder in the area, and, excited, she wants to go to the scene.

The group visits Becca and Vernon to see baby Tallulah. Paul tells Vernon he's ready to follow through on the plan to flee to Mexico, but Vernon has become a doting dad and isn't going anywhere.

Paul and Lindsay meet with a lawyer to discuss terms of the divorce. Paul offers to give Lindsay $2,000 a month, which the clueless Lindsay quickly accepts, thinking she can easily live on that amount. A vindictive Paul says he will enjoy seeing her struggle.

Edgar goes to see Doug Benson, planning to quit for the sake of his relationship with Dorothy; but he has a change of heart and decides he doesn't want to blow this career opportunity. He goes to Dorothy's apartment and sees she has packed up to move home to Jacksonville, having given up on show business.

Lindsay asks Becca if she can move in with her and Vernon, to which Becca tells her that she should revel in her newfound freedom.

Gretchen and Jimmy meet with her therapist Justina, who reveals she is moving to Iowa with her boyfriend. She has also been sharing Gretchen's rants with her hipster friends, who ask to hear them from Gretchen herself. Justina tells Gretchen that she has actually faced her problems and made progress.

Edgar offers Dorothy's apartment to Lindsay, who sees a cockroach there but still smiles.

Jimmy makes an unconventional marriage proposal to Gretchen at the scene of the "murder", which was a ruse Jimmy set up. She finds it all romantic and accepts, saying that, despite their own past struggles, they can be a real family. The mention of the word "family" sends Jimmy into despair, as he gets into his car and drives away, leaving Gretchen stranded.