It's Been, Part 2 is the second episode of Season 4 and the 38th overall episode.


Gretchen is hiding out with Lindsey and takes baby steps toward rebuilding her life. Edgar and Lindsey struggle to find normalcy during Jimmy's absence.


Main Cast


Lindsay enjoys a day at her new job as a stylist's assistant, returning that evening to her apartment and Gretchen, who has been living there since Jimmy left her on the hill three months ago.

Gretchen has not left the apartment, and tries to keep up a ruse with Sam and the rap trio that she's in Europe exploring new markets for their music.

After a night of hard partying with Gretchen, a disheveled Lindsay learns that her boss, Priscilla, wants to give her a promotion.

Lindsay later visits Edgar, who is living in Jimmy's old home and doing well writing sketches for Doug Benson.

The two joke about being the responsible ones now, and begin imitating Jimmy and Gretchen, which leads to sex.

Gretchen finally ventures outside.

After Lindsay throws her out of her office, Gretchen goes to a bar and later hooks up with her old boyfriend Ty. Just after the two start sexual intercourse, Gretchen sees her phone light up, and a text from Jimmy saying, "Hey..."