Genetically Inferior Beta Males is the eighth episode of Season 3 of You're the Worst, which aired on October 19, 2016.


Gretchen takes a parental role with her friends, to mixed results; Jimmy goes on Vernon's podcast; Edgar tries alternative therapy; Lindsay pushes Paul too far.


Main Cast


In therapy with Justina, Gretchen decides to meddle in her friends' lives like her mother did with her. She cuts off Jimmy's internet to force him to write, tells Lindsay to force Paul to let her hook up with men alone, and "manages" Edgar's "Dr. Weed" internet videos.

Jimmy gets out of the house and discovers having fun in the park. Paul reacts to Lindsay by deciding to embrace the "cuckold fetish". Edgar is recorded by a professional.

Paul becomes a masochist, disgusting Lindsay even more. Edgar's recording is edited into propaganda for legalizing marijuana. Jimmy, interviewed on Vernon and Becca's podcast, realizes his whole life, including becoming a writer, was about annoying his Dad.

Edgar says he hates Gretchen, Lindsay now wants an abortion, and Jimmy seems to abandon writing altogether. Gretchen tracks down Justina at a craft beer bar and starts unloading about her issues with her mother. [1]


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