Fog of War, Bro is the fifth episode of Season 4 and the 41st overall episode.


Gretchen has moved back into the house and plays mind games with Jimmy, by being a nuisance and destroying areas of the house. Jimmy prepares for an on-camera interview for the online version of People magazine, regarding his new book. Seeing an opportunity in Gretchen's return to the house, Edgar and Lindsay plot to get Jimmy and Gretchen back together. To keep Gretchen from disrupting the interview, he shows her a text he's prepared to send to Sam Dresden which will blow her cover of being in Europe. The two agree that each other's careers are off limits, but Jimmy unknowingly hits the send button for the text. Sam receives it, and he and Shitstain angrily confront Gretchen. When she tells the two what Jimmy did on the hill, they take her side and chastise Jimmy in front of the People interviewer. Gretchen plays nice at first, but later blows up the interview by telling the full story while the cameras roll.

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