Fix Me, Dummy is the second episode of Season 3 of You're the Worst, which aired on September 7, 2016.


Gretchen starts therapy; Jimmy's confidence wavers; Lindsay neglects a bedridden Paul.


Main Cast


Jimmy announces he's completed and submitted his erotic novel proposal, while Dorothy prepares to move out of the house.

Edgar notes that Gretchen hasn't done her one assigned chore – opening the mail. Gretchen says she hates opening mail because it's frequently a bill or bad news.

Gretchen sees Justina, a therapist, and gets mad when Justina says Gretchen needs to do some of the work in order to recover. Gretchen thinks Justina is suggesting she can fix herself.

Lindsay tends to Paul's knife wound, claiming he "backed into" the knife, while stealing his pain meds for herself. She then leaves Paul to fend for himself and joins her friends for breakfast. Her friends are shocked when Lindsay admits she "kind of pushed" the knife.

Edgar is helping Dorothy move into her apartment and notices there are many homeless veterans in that area of town. He begins helping the vets and ignoring Dorothy. Jimmy, tagging along but also not helping, takes plot and style suggestions from the locals, and a cop.

After a parking lot confrontation, Justina convinces Gretchen to open some mail, and Gretchen later does so. Near the bottom of the pile, she finds a letter from Jimmy's sister in England, telling him their father has died. The letter includes a newspaper obituary, and has likely been sitting in the mail pile for a couple of weeks.

Jimmy then bursts into the room with a rage of excitement, as he just found out his book proposal was accepted. Gretchen tries to hide the letter, and asks Jimmy if he's talked to anyone from his family recently. [1]


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