"Crevasses" is the second episode of Season 2 of You're the Worst, which aired on September 16,2015.


The gang visit the mall so Gretchen can buy "grown-up" items and Jimmy uses the trip as inspiration for his writing. Also: Newly single Lindsay asks Edgar to help her pick up guys.


Main Cast

Guest Cast


Lindsay realizes she can use Edgar's attraction to her for her own selfish ends. She brings him to a sports bar in a mall so that he can be her wing man.

A gay man at the bar convinces Edgar that Lindsay is using him, and tells Edgar to strike up a conversation with the bartender to make Lindsay jealous.

Jimmy and Gretchen tag along on the mall trip, with Jimmy insisting that Gretchen buy her own "stuff" for the house while he looks for inspiration to write his next novel.

During the process of shopping, Gretchen realizes that Jimmy is treating her more like a guest than a permanent resident of the house.

Jimmy has reached the same conclusion, and apologizes by trying to build a small dresser with two drawers.

Gretchen takes one of Jimmy's drawers instead, and also stakes her claim to part of the closet.

Meanwhile, Edgar thinks Lindsay is finally seeing him differently when she shows up at the door, but she only asks him to take provocative photos of her that she can post online.

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